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Everyone loves the Australian outdoors. Water views, swimming pools, and boating play a big part in our lives, especially in the summer time. But the reality is to keep it looking good takes time. And making the most of the beautiful outdoors can become a bit of a chore.

Save time and money with Enduroshield. A revolutionary, permanent, non-stick coating for many surfaces around your home. It’s available for glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles, and stainless steel.
The ultra thin transparent coating chemically bonds with these surfaces and provides protection that will repel water and oil based stains. The superior protection also helps the build up of mould and harmful bacteria, promoting a germ free environment.

Unprotected, porous glass degrades quickly and once damaged no amount of cleaning will make it look new again. Applying Enduroshield will seal the glass and keep it looking new forever.
Enduroshield is ideal for use on glass throughout your home.  Outside you can use it not only on your balustrades but also on your windows, as well as any stainless steel surfaces. These qualities make it perfect for boat owners. It is also just as effective inside the home. It’s ideal for use in Bathrooms and Kitchens and on skylights, mirrors and glass roofs.

Splashbacks, tiling, vanities, toilets and baths can all benefit from the protection of Enduroshield. And one hassle free application is all it takes.

Enduroshield pride themselves in friendly, efficient and professional customer service. Their faith in their use of Australian developed Nanotechnology is illustrated in their impressive warranties of up to ten years on new glass applications.