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Property has also long been a popular investment choice and Mark Hay from Mark Hay Realty Group has been advising mum & dad investors on how to combine the performance of Superannuation with the security of investing in bricks and mortar for over 20 years.

According to Mark, “Under current legislation there has been a little publicised but huge shift in the way superannuation can be handled.  Self Managed Superfunds now have the ability (subject to certain criteria and conditions) to borrow up to 70% for residential properties and marginally less for commercial properties, via an instrument known as a Superwarrant.

We’ve seen an increase in this type of investor and a good majority of these investors have long known the rewards of the less glamorous but far more certain returns of Real Estate and are finding the opportunity to be the ‘captain of their own destiny’ and enjoy the assured security of property a great draw card.”
The team at Mark Hay Realty Group will be glad to give you more information about investing in property as part of your Super plan.