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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





If you’re a handyperson and want to learn about brick paving, then you’ll find most of the answers on a trusty website created by our handy mates at Master Builders.

The Master Builders A-Z building directory is full of useful hints and tips, so you can do all your homework before you start your handiwork. Paving is one of the 180 topics found on the website.

Below are some handy hints on how to lay your own paving by Brikmakers, a reliable Master Builder source.

1.    The first and one of the most important steps is to carefully plan your paving area and then stake it out. If you want to avoid lots of cutting, consider allowing the pavers to dictate the width of the area to be paved.

2.    Ensure the sub-base is debris-free by removing all rubble and vegetation from the area to be paved. The sub-base should be roughly leveled and tamped firmly by hand or by a mechanical compactor.
3.    Hand compaction is suitable for most domestic applications, but for large areas such as driveways, it is recommended to use a mechanical compactor. After compaction of the sub-base, cover the area with approximately 30mm of clean yellow sand and lightly compact it.
4.    A tip, to ensure proper drainage, allow a slight fall away from the wall – about 25mm over 3 metres. When the whole area is level carefully check for any high or low spots in the sand. If any are found they should be filled or smothered before commencing the laying.

If you’re better at shopping for interiors, then it might pay to have the paving done professionally. It’ll probably cost more, but at least you’ll have a fabulous looking driveway that won’t look wonky.

The Master Builders website can also help you search for a reliable Master Builder member, which include pavers, bricklayers and tilers.

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