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Summer is almost here!  And in Perth that’s a fantastic time to get outside and catch up with friends and family. But what happens when it becomes too hot and you find yourself retreating back inside in the air-conditioning?
A locally owned Perth company specialise in a system that will help you make the most of your great outdoors during those hot summer days.

CoolMist Systems Australia distributes environmentally friendly outdoor cooling systems. Their unique high pressure pumping system delivers a mist of very fine atomised droplets into the air. They are incredibly effective in making your alfresco or work area cooler and can reduce the temperature by up to 10 degrees, instantly making it a lot more comfortable.

The CoolMist spray appears as though it will make you wet but you won’t even feel a drop!  What it does do though, is keep the Perth heat under control, making your outdoor get togethers a whole lot more enjoyable.

The trick behind this cooling efficiency without dampness is that the water is pumped out at an incredible 1000 PSI.  This ensures that the atomised mist cloud stays in the air long enough to evaporate and absorb the heat, which prevents condensation forming on surrounding surfaces. The bonus is that it also creates a relaxing ambience and it even acts as a deterrent to flies and insects!

CoolMist products also have uses apart from cooling. They’re an ideal aid in industrial applications and can assist in dust suppression, odour control, humidification and even protecting livestock.

Now is the perfect time to prepare your outdoor area for Summer, before those hot days turn in sweltering weeks!  Whether it be work or play make your summer in the outdoors more comfortable with the cooling efficiency of CoolMist.