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Lisa Boyd



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Students at Santa Maria Primary grow their own produce to cook and help feed the homeless and when they want to promote healthy growth, they don’t forget the Seasol.

This week, Skye planted a range of cooking herbs that do well in pots - parsley, chives, oregano, thyme and basil.  She started with some Premium potting mix with added Seasol gel to get the plants off to a great start and watering them in well with Seasol to reduce shock.
Isla planted lettuces and gave the seedlings a stress-free head start by soaking them in a bath of Sealsol.  Mix three capfuls of Seasol with 9 litres of water and soak the punnets for 10 to 20 minutes before planting.

Fruits or Vegetables, Exotics or Natives, Seasol will help promote vigorous growth and better health in all types of plants and in all conditions and it’s a 100% Australian product made from a sustainable resource.

Seasol also promotes improved resistance to disease, insects and fungal attack.  And if your plants have already been affected by wind or heat stress, Seasol is an excellent plant tonic to restore general health.

Seasol is available in a variety of ready to use hose-end spray packs including Seasol for Lush Green Lawns, as well as in economical concentrate packs, ranging from 500ml to 10 litres.  Pick up a pack at all good gardening and hardware outlets and selected supermarkets.