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With over 20 plus years of selling properties within the regional centres, Mark Hay, from Mark Hay Realty Group predicts an increase in Treechangers for a number of reasons.

“The resource sector is flowing through to all corners of the State but is being felt dramatically in towns such as Boddington, Bunbury, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie and the northwest. Regions adjoining these towns are also enjoying unprecedented growth.

The advent of rail links’ such as the Mandurah rail link and southern rail link from Geraldton and  roads such as Cervantes, Gettway etc. have all made regional WA far more accessible.
And the Internet has provided a way for people to live in a more remote area while still doing business on a world scale.  The cost of building, purchasing or renting properties is often up to fifty percent more affordable in regional areas.  Tourism is also booming in regional WA, contributing to the rural regions continuing to grow to support the goods and services required.”

According to Mark, those going country are, “Predominantly Baby Boomers whose wealth and lifestyle affords them opportunity to purchase rural properties for either weekend getaways or as an investment.”

“Those looking to get back to nature, grow their own vegetables and leave the pollution, crime and rat race behind.  Not only can they enjoy the pleasures of living in the bush but also save substantial amounts in housing costs and, at the same time, improving their quality of life.  And a large proportion of the fly-in fly-out resource workers are opting for regional areas.”