'Osborne Park Superstore'

Our busy lives often have us running around with massive task lists trying to complete 10 things at once!
And when you get to the weekend all you want to do is relax with friends over dinner and not do too much. So, it seems cooking your dessert and main meal all at once is a good idea. But what happens when that delicious chocolate cake ends up tasting like your Indian curry?

Well Osborne Park Retravision have an ingenious new oven on display that makes cooking much easier and even more importantly, taste a whole lot better! Retravision’s Electrical Superstores have everything you need to update your kitchen appliances.  At the Osborne Park superstore they not only stock all the big brands at the lowest prices but also have state of the art showrooms that include working kitchen displays.  So you can find out how your new appliances will work in your kitchen, before you buy!
Smeg Ovens will revolutionise your kitchen. They feature their unique new Thermoseal System, which provides moisture retention, increases kitchen comfort and most importantly, saves you plenty of time.

Through the brilliance of Smeg’s Thermoseal system, there’s a non-transference of flavours. This means, you can put the Christmas Turkey and pudding in the oven all at the same time, without the risk of their flavours mixing.

For a limited time there’s also an added free bonus when you purchase a selected Smeg 60cm oven. Receive your choice of either a baking dish, a set of telescopic shelving guides or a pizza stone, up to the value of 2 hundred and ninety nine dollars.
All Retravision stores have a lowest price guarantee and offer many finance options.  They also have a huge range of all of the world’s leading brands and will even store your purchases until they’re ready for installation, making them the wise place to shop when looking for your new kitchen appliances.