Edwards Solar Hot Water

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Shane Currie



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Improving soils to reduce run-off, choosing waterwise plants and growing your own produce all contribute towards a more sustainable future and Edwards Solar Hot Water are helping you to go green at home and in the garden.
Solar energy produces no greenhouse emissions and comes from a sustainable source. In fact, converting your old electric hot water system to Solar has the equivalent environmental impact of taking one average-sized car off the road every year for the lifetime of the system.
A Solar Hot Water System offers great cost savings along with its environmental savings. Both the State and Federal Governments are offering substantial incentives to switch to solar, incentives that include cash rebates and renewable energy certificates.
And the cost savings from a solar hot water system continue for the lifetime of the system, saving you as much as $500 a year compared to the cost of running an electric storage hot water system, so going solar will pay for itself within a few years.

Go Green with Edwards Solar Hot Water and purchase a family-sized Edwards Solar Hot Water system during October you can claim a $200 Nursery Voucher (available by redemption).  Find out more by checking out the ad in the West Australian’s “Seven Days” magazine or call 1300 765 277.

Plants featured in segment:
Grevillea ‘Carramar Orange’
Chamelaucium ‘Barbara Wilson’
Ozothamnus diosmofolius (Australian Rice Flower)
Coronidium ‘Sunnyside Up’
Olearia ‘Li’l Bewdy’