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Just like the soil in your garden beds, the soil under your lawn gets tired and depleted and when this happens, it doesn’t retain water or nutrients.   So how do you recondition the soil without digging up the lawn?  You can top dress it or believe it or not, you can do it with a hose.

Seasol is a liquid seaweed concentrate that acts as a soil conditioner and general plant health tonic and Seasol for Lush Green Lawns in a hose-end pack is easy to apply to your lawn.    
The seaweed in Seasol enhances the uptake of the essential nutrients and minerals that your lawn needs.  Natural growth stimulants in Seasol promote healthy, vigorous growth and improve your lawn’s resistance to pests and diseases. And because it has long term benefits as a soil conditioner, Seasol will also improve the effectiveness of any fertilizers you use on your lawn.  

Seasol is also well known for helping plants to cope with heat stress, so a good dose of Seasol now will also stand your lawn in good stead for the long, hot summer ahead.  

To really get your grass greener by Summer, apply some Seasol For Lush Green Lawns now to improve your lawn’s overall health and in a couple of weeks, give it a further application to further boost its growth.

Seasol is available in a variety of ready to use hose-end spray packs ideal for lawns, as well as in economical concentrate packs, ranging from 500ml to 10 litres.  Pick up a pack that suits your application at all good gardening and hardware outlets and selected supermarkets.

So come on, like the jingle says...'don't forget the Seasol'.