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It’s really very tragic but each year on average five West Australians will die and millions of dollars worth of property will be damaged as a result of domestic fires. But, if smoke alarms had been installed and properly maintained, most deaths could have been prevented. And the good news is, The State Government has just introduced new laws making smoke alarms compulsory.

Most people die as a result of breathing in smoke and poisonous gases before a fire actually takes hold, so the importance of installing a proper smoke alarm and maintaining it can’t be over estimated.

If you are about to sell your home you will be responsible for and need to fit mains powered smoke alarms prior to settlement. Or if you own a rental property, it is now compulsory that they must be installed within two weeks of a new lease being signed. And from 1 October 2011, all rental properties must have smoke alarms fitted regardless of whether a new lease is being signed or not.

Maintenance of the smoke alarms also rests with the owner of the property, not the tenant. So you'll need to factor this into your maintenance program. – Smoke alarms will only save lives if they are properly maintained and in working order.

For more details about smoke alarms and these new initiatives, visit the FESA website or ring the Community Education Section at FESA on 9323 9818. It makes a lot of sense.