'Arda Ovens - Cook Tops - Rangehoods'

RETRAVISION superstore in Cannington is RETRAVISION’s newest and largest store featuring innovative product offerings from in-house cooking displays to a comprehensive array of all the latest technology.

Exclusive to RETRAVISION stores is ARDA’s range of affordable European styled cooking products that offer something a little bit more than its competitors. ARDA’s standard range of ovens, cook tops and range hoods include features that are normally found in more expensive brands, at no extra price.

ARDA ovens include the latest styling influences from Europe, using the subtle combination of black glass with stainless steel accents. They have triple glass cool touch doors keeping the heat out of the kitchen and inside the oven, auto programming, numerous cooking functions, closed door grilling, heavy duty shelving racks and best of all, they’re easy to clean!

What’s considered a deluxe feature on most other brands is a standard feature on ARDA cook tops. These include a powerful triple-ring wok burner, automatic electronic ignition, heavy-duty cast iron pot rests and stylish front controls. Not to mention all of the burners are fully sealed, so if your veges boil over, the mess will remain on the surface making it quick and easy to mop up. Now that’s a plus!

ARDA’s range hoods are more powerful and more efficient than most other brands with fast extraction rates, their innovative charcoal filter which re-circulates clean air back into the kitchen and sensor touch controls.

With all their versatility and extra features ARDA cooking products really are great value for money!