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If you live near the coast, you’ll know only too well that sandy soil can make hard work out of a great garden. One good-old-fashioned way to improve your soil was to dig in plenty of seaweed; thankfully, there is an easier way.

Seasol’s new Planting Gel is an innovation in the establishment of plants, providing slow release of Seasol and essential nutrients to help your plants get the best start.

Seasol is a liquid concentrate made from sustainably harvested Australian seaweed.  It reduces stress and enhances the uptake of essential nutrients and minerals, making it the ideal health tonic for planting or transplanting.

The new Planting Gel provides not just a simple way to add your Seasol.  It’s a slow-release Seasol, so you’ll get the benefits of a stress-guard at planting along with the long-term benefits of Seasol as a soil conditioner and growth stimulant.

Right from the start, Seasol can give your plants a healthy boost and you can find a range of Seasol products at Hardware stores, garden centres and selected supermarkets.