Edwards Solar Hot Water

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Planting large trees to shade your home from the sun will reduce your energy use, choosing Waterwise plants will reduce your water consumption and making your own compost will reduce your contribution to landfill. But going green at home doesn’t have to stop with your thumb.  

Solar energy uses no fossil fuels and produces no greenhouse gases.  In fact, using an efficient solar water heater instead of an electric system saves around 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, about the same as is produced by the average small car.

The Australian and State Governments are also offering incentives for installing a Solar hot water system that could see you access more than $2,000 in rebates.   Solar hot water also offers significant cost savings over the lifetime of the system, saving up to $500 per year compared to an electric storage system.
And if you install an Edwards Solar Hot Water system you can ‘Go Green’ in both your home and in your garden.  You’ll be able to select Waterwise plants or shady trees or maybe even grow your own fruit and veg with a $200 Nursery Voucher.
We’ll give you all the details next week, but $200 towards greening up your garden and an Edwards Solar hot water system to green up your home sounds like a terrific way to ‘Go Green’.
Find out more about Edwards solar hot water systems by following the link from the Home in WA website or by calling 1300 765 277