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Greenough’s leaning trees are a pretty extreme example of how strong winds can affect growing trees.  And while most home gardens are a little more sheltered, living near the coast can still take its toll on your precious plants.

Strong winds and salty air can be a real problem in coastal gardens and to get to the real key to healthy plants in tough conditions, you’ll have to do a little digging.
The plant’s root system is what anchors it into the ground, as well as providing it with nourishment.  So, strong, healthy roots are vital for a strong, healthy plant.  
Seasol contains naturally occurring growth regulators which promote vigorous root growth.  And the seaweed in Seasol enhances the uptake of the essential nutrients and minerals that plants need to maintain a healthy root system.
Seasol also promotes improved resistance to disease, insects and fungal attack.  And if your plants have already been affected by wind or heat stress, Seasol is an excellent plant tonic.
Seasol will help promote vigorous growth and better health in all types of plants and in all conditions, coastal or otherwise and it’s a 100% Australian product made from a sustainable resource.

Seasol is available in a variety of ready to use hose-end spray packs, as well as in economical concentrate packs, ranging from 500ml to 10 litres.  Pick up a pack that suits your application at all good gardening and hardware outlets and selected supermarkets.