Abrolhos Jewellers

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Steve Dicken



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2/3 100 Marine Terrace
Geraldton WA 6530

According to the locals everything in Geraldton is just 5 minutes away. And that’s true when it comes to Abrolhos Jewellers, conveniently located right in the heart of town on Marine Terrace.

Geraldton may be renowned for shipwrecks and crayfish but it’s this exquisite hidden treasure that’s also putting this beautiful town on the map. Cultured from the black-lipped oyster, comes the magical Abrolhos Pearl. Found in the waters just off the Geraldton coast it is one of nature’s pure beauties. And best of all this lustrous pearl is a specialty here at Abrolhos jewellers.

Here you will find the Abrolhos pearl set in many, beautiful pieces of jewellery. Available in a unique range of colours like cherry pink, emerald green, aubergine, turquoise, silver, and black. And if you’re wanting a one of a kind piece, then Abrolhos jewellers are the people to see, because they can create a one off original especially for you.

Custom Jewellery, when designed and crafted with love and expertise, can totally out shine off-the shelf pieces. Abrolhos Jewellers pride themselves in making their custom pieces fit the person not just in size, but in personality as well. If you’re after a truly unique engagement or wedding ring Abrolhos Jewellers can custom design a timeless piece just for you.  They also carry a wide range of stunning pre-made jewellery and specialise in remodeling, repairs and engraving.

So if you’re like me and are wanting something truly unique to go with that great little outfit, or you have a treasured piece of jewellery that’s out-dated and needs revamping, come to the home of the Abrolhos Pearl, right here in Geraldton.