Chapman Valley Wines
'Vineyard for Sale'

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Rick Pederick



(08) 9920 5148

(08) 9920 5206

0418 939 967

PO Box 3246 Bluff Point
Geraldton WA 6531

By the end of the day, you could become a Vigneron because Chapman Valley Wines is for sale!

Chapman Valley Wines is an award-winning boutique vineyard situated just 30 km’s north east of Geraldton.

There’s 22 and a half thousand manicured vines on this 200 acre property and they’re all hand-harvested by the Pederick family.

Owner Rick Pederick says Chapman Valley Wines is the only winery this far north.

“It started as a hobby – we ended up jumping in…‘boots and all’. We discovered Chapman Valley has rich soil and perfect weather conditions. We loved it so much we decided to have a go at expanding it commercially.”

“We planted the wines in ’95 and opened our doors in ’98. Ten years down the track we’re now producing 40,000 bottles each year. We’ve all built it to a really great business, but now want to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Everything is for sale including our popular restaurant and the house.”

Chapman Valley Wines boast a wall of Bronze Medals so swing by for a tasting. Bookings are essential at their restaurant, which can seat up to two hundred people on weekends!

If you have an interest…pop out and see them in Chapman Valley and talk to the Pedericks’ yourself.

Otherwise, give them a call at the house on 9920 5148 or jump onto their website.