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Healthy plants are the key to a great looking garden and there is actually a very simple way to grow stronger, healthier plants that’s as easy as watering the garden.
Seasol is a liquid seaweed concentrate that works as a plant tonic, encouraging disease resistance and overall better plant health.  The seaweed in Seasol enhances the uptake of the essential nutrients and minerals that plants need.  This promotes healthy, vigorous growth and improved resistance to insect and fungal attack.
Seasol stimulates growth because it contains naturally occurring growth regulators which promote root growth and flowering.  However, if you want to actually ‘feed’ your plants, you’ll need to combine Seasol with a fertiliser.
As a highly refined liquid fertiliser, formulated especially for the home garden, Powerfeed is the ideal partner to Seasol.  Powerfeed is like the meat in your diet and the Seasol is the fruit and veg.   So, together they provide a balanced health program for your plants.
The fish in Powerfeed provides a rich source of amino acids, proteins, beneficial bacteria, trace elements and vitamins – everything your plants need for vigorous growth, vibrant flowers and delicious fruit.
Powerfeed is also fortified with extra Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous along with naturally occurring liquid composts which make Powerfeed an amazing soil conditioner as well.
And combine Powerfeed with Seasol and you have the ideal all-round garden health treatment.  You get a dynamic mix of nutrients, soil conditioners and growth stimulants for both long and short term benefits.
Both Powerfeed and Seasol come in a range of easy to use hose-end spray packs, as well as in economical concentrate packs, ranging from 500ml to 10 litres.  A variety of combo packs will also give you the opportunity to mix both products together for a truly dynamic garden treatment. And both Seasol and Powerfeed are suitable for all types of plants from Australian Natives to Vegetables.
Pick up a pack that suits your application at all good gardening and hardware outlets and selected supermarkets.