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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





Are you sick and tired of the rental merry-go-round, or not being able to hang your favourite painting on the wall? Well maybe it’s finally time to purchase your first ever home? The process can be quite overwhelming but luckily there’s a place that has all the answers. And best of all, it’s at your fingertips!

The Master Builders Association has over one hundred and seventy topics on their A-Z building info website.  It has everything you need to know about your home on the one easily navigated site, including vital information for First Home Buyers.  There are many incentives currently available in WA for First Home Buyers, including stamp-duty exemptions or reductions as well as first home-owners grants, home start loans, first home owners boost packages, even energy efficiency rebates. The list is quite extensive and anyone considering buying their first home should be familiar with what’s on offer.  MBA’s A-Z directory is a great place to start.

Once you’ve opted to build your first home the endless decisions begin. Probably the biggest is to choose the right builder to create a home that suits your lifestyle and your budget. The Master Builders website has a comprehensive checklist detailing some common sense criteria you should use to help choose the right builder as well as some tips on things to look out for. These are just two examples of the extensive listings on the Master Builders website.  Next time your on-line check out for yourself.