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There are over 600 different types of bamboo and its been used for centuries for everything from fans to furniture. The plant itself is actually a grass, but even though it's not a tree, Bamboo is fast becoming the world's most popular alternative to conventional hardwood.

It first hit our shores when local company, Bamboo Style, went in search of a more durable timber flooring for heavy-duty areas. What they came back with was a good-looking, hard wearing, durable alternative to timber - Bamboo.

The boards themselves are three-ply cross-laminated strips of bamboo that end up 15mm thick, which is thicker than your average timber board. That way, they'll won't bend or buckle like a timber board can. And because Bamboo doesn't react to water the same way as timber, it's far more resilient to changes in temperature and moisture.

Bamboo flooring is that it arrives at your door completely pre-finished. Its already been sanded, given three coats of polyurethane and UV cured so that installation is extra quick and extra clean.

The floor uses a straightforward tongue and groove system, and it can be floated, nailed or glued on almost any surface. There's no dust and no nasty fumes and you can walk on the floor within 24 hours.

The cost of a Bamboo floor is pretty much on a par with solid timber flooring, but remember you won't have to fork out extra for sanding, sealing or any further installation costs. You can install bamboo flooring yourself and it will save you some money, but having it installed professionally means that not only will you get a more professional finish, you'll also have the job done more quickly.

Bamboo flooring is available in as range of blonde and coffee tones, with a gloss or matt finish. You can make an appointment to see Bamboo flooring up close, by calling Bamboo Style on 9244 8888 or on 1800 Bamboo. Or for more information just follow the links from the Home in WA website.