Rhino Water Tanks
'Made using Bluescope Steel'

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1800 632 410

(08) 9478 6223

0418 723 299

504 Great Eastern Highway
Redcliffe WA 6104

Ah, the good old Aussie water tank! The iconic Australian symbol was once only seen in rural areas but has now made its way to the outer suburbs and small acreages.

Rhino Water Tanks is a family owned and operated business with nearly twenty years experience in the water storage industry. Made from quality Bluescope Zincalume or Colorbond ® steel, their tanks are built to last!

They’re great for large domestic, rural and even industrial purposes and are also well suited to fire prone areas as part of a fire protection plan.

According to CEO Harvey Durston, Rhino Water Tanks are Australian made from start to finish in their factory in Perth.

“We only use genuine Bluescope Steel and we manufacture our own Food Grade polyethylene liners here as well.  This means we can control the quality of every aspect of the tank from manufacturing to installation. Plus, our reinforced liners are ideal to ensure your rainwater stays fresh and taste free.”

Ever wondered how steel becomes corrugated? Well, Rhino’s state-of-the-art machinery can corrugate Bluescope Steel’s Zincalume and COLORBOND® steel, making it stronger, lighter and cheaper. And did you know steel rainwater tanks have the lowest form of environmental impact!

CMC Coil Steels have been supplying Rhino with its quality products for two years. With the motto “We Can Do It”, CMC Coil Steels prides itself on supplying genuine Bluescope Steel material in a safe and cost effective manner.  

Always ensure that your water tank is manufactured from genuine Bluescope steel material by checking for the laser branding!

Not to mention you won’t be stuck for choice with Rhino’s incredible range of sizes – from 37,000 litres to 260,000 Litres! CMC Coil Steels also offers the FULL range of genuine Bluescope Colorbond® steel colours to choose from. So all you have to do is decide whether you want to make your water tank a feature, or blend it in with your natural surroundings.

The Rhino Water Tank team are located across Australia, so they’re never far away.

Give them a call on their toll free number, 1800 632 410 and get them to give you a quote, or find their link on the Home in WA website.