'Electrolux Induction Cook Tops'

It’s winter, and staying in with your friends for a warm and cosy meal seems like an appealing option. However last time you dished up something it had that bitter burnt twist to it!  Well Retravision superstores offer a revolutionary cook top, which will make your cooking much easier.

Electrolux Induction Cook tops heat faster, use less power and are more precise than their conventional rivals. The revolutionary electromagnetic method of heat transfer utilised in induction cooking uses energy to maximum efficiency. Assuring amazing results while conserving power.

With Induction cooking there are no naked flames, and the residual heat experienced is minimal, keeping the kitchen cooler. Any spilt food is not burnt onto the hotplates or surrounds, making it much easier to wipe clean.

Just as importantly heat is only created when there’s pan on top, so it’s the safest cook top to have around little ones.
So make sure you visit a Retravision Electrical Superstore to check out the ingenious new range of Electrolux E-Line Induction Cook tops.   Whilst your there, check out the extensive range of electrical items for every room in your home. Not only do Retravision stock all the big brands at the lowest prices, but they also have state of the art kitchen showrooms that include working displays. So now you can try out your new appliances before you buy!

Retravision also have an Exclusive giveaway. Just mention the Home in WA Electrolux E-line Induction cook top segment and you’ll receive a Free Scanpan Cookware set designed specifically for Induction cooking, valued at $299.