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Palmetto is a hardy low-maintenance lawn from root to tip – it requires less water and less mowing.  More importantly it’s more drought resistant than other types of turf due to its massive deep root system.  It’s a hardy turf that recovers from wear quickly. 

It can also out-compete most weeds and because it shows more horizontal growth than vertical, it needs less mowing.
If you’re putting down roll-on lawn, start by levelling out your area to about 75mm below your paving to allow room for your soil conditioner and your turf.  You want it to finish up level with any paving or concreting for easier mowing.
Prepare your ground applying ‘Palmetto Turf Underlay and Lawn Reviver’ to the surface.  Use around 1 bag for every 10m2.  Mix the ‘Palmetto Turf Underlay’ into the top 25cm of the soil with a nail rake or alternatively rotary hoe it in.  Level the ground and moisten before planting the turf.

Always compact the turf after laying and apply a wetting agent to the lawn and water in well.  We installed the waterwise MP Rotator sprinklers as they are suitable for windy areas, reduce surface run-off and offer uniform watering even close to the sprinkler.

Fertilise your lawn every 6 to 8 weeks in the growing season, from late August to May and add some wetting agent during October and February.  

Palmetto is a hardy, water efficient turf that can handle even shady conditions and has great colour all year round.  Find out more from the Palmetto Growers WA.