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We all love the pristine look and feel of a clean bathroom. The openness of clear glass screens helps to make your bathroom appear bigger.  Unfortunately though the porous glass in your bathroom absorbs the build up of calcium and grime and you can easily lose that look. And it seems that no amount of cleaning or scrubbing can bring that new look back.

Enduroshield offer a restoration service that will not only make your bathroom look like new again, but keep it looking that way. Enduroshield is a permanent, non-stick protective coating that protects surfaces around your home. The once only application in your bathroom makes dirt, grime and soap scum easier to clean by up to 90%.  The clear coating is applied and within hours forms a chemical bond that acts as a shield to repel water and oil based stains. Transforming your bathroom from a nightmare of maintenance to a relaxing sanctuary.

The restoration service treats inside and outside your home, and specialises in glass, stainless steel and tiles. In your bathroom they clean the tiles, grout and glass, returning them to their original lustre. Then they apply the transparent Enduroshield coating to keep it looking that way.

For a fraction of the cost of replacement Enduroshield can effectively restore your glass and clean your grout and tiles without mess and better still they will warranty their work for up to ten years.  Enduroshield can not only reduce your maintenance inside your home but also help protect your exterior windows and balustrading.