Building and Construction Industry Training Fund (BCITF)

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During the economic boom that hit WA like a whirlwind the construction industry experienced such a growth that skill shortages became a significant issue and resulted in an increase in construction costs and completion times.
The industry has returned to normal operating levels but it is predicted to grow again in the near future, so now is the time to train your employees so that you don’t get caught out.
The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund was established in 1990 to improve the quality of training and to increase the number of skilled workers in the building and construction industry.
They do this by offering incentives and subsidies to employers of apprentices and trainees.
Since its inception, the BCITF has supported the training and employment of more than 30 000 apprentices and trainees and has helped over 150 000 industry workers to upgrade their skills.
An employer who indentures an apprentice in a three-year carpentry & joinery qualification may be eligible to receive up to $14 000 in subsidies, rebates and vouchers to assist in the costs of training.

Cert III Carpentry & Joinery
BCITF $7 700*
Commonwealth $4 400*
Tool allowance $ 800
Workers Comp* $1 100**
Total $14 000