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Fencing for your home in W.A. is a big, big issue. The best product to use is steel. It’s no surprise that BlueScope Steel is the leading steel company in Australia and New Zealand. And that brings us to family owned and run R&R Fencing where they use only genuine Colorbond steel to manufacture their Fencing panels.

CMC Coil Steels has been supplying to R&R Fencing for over 8 years and only supply them with quality Bluescope products. From Colorbond Post Rail and infill panel to the powder coated Galvabond privacy fence top. With this Colorbond product and CMC’s expertise, R & R has become the market leader.

Only fences made from Colorbond steel carry the 10 year warranty from BlueScope, so it’s vital that we make sure of the material we’re being offered. We know that by checking the laser engraved Colorbond trademark. This is etched into the steel without compromising the overall look or corrosion performance of the material. Fences made from Colorbond steel have been developed right here in Australia so it’s robust enough to stand up to our tough conditions. Bluescope supply products that play a big part in people's everyday lives, so it has to be good.

It has 30 years of intensive weather testing in Australia, including Bushfire testing by the CSIRO which has proven it can help protect your property in those conditions. It’s available in 14 designer colours to complement and enhance your home and landscape. It’s 100% termite proof and very low maintenance.

A beautiful selection of fencing products, precision manufactured by R & R Fencing, using genuine Colorbond steel from Bluescope Steel and supplied by CMC Coil Steels