Nanosmart Laundry Ball

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To buy your NanoSmart Laundrty Balls  Phone 1300 716 714

This revolutionary new product will change the way you do your laundry forever.  Using the NanoSmart Laundry Ball instead of detergent and softener is both ecological and economical, saving you money whilst also saving the environment.

Inside each ball are little pellets made from special mineral ceramics.   These minerals release negative ions, making clusters of water molecules smaller. The smaller clusters penetrate much further into the fabric so you get a deeper clean. In other words, it activates the water, reinforcing its natural cleaning power.

Like a detergent, the NanoSmart Laundry Ball also reduces the water surface tension but without using chemicals in your family wash.   No chemicals, means it’s also hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skins.  It’s also anti-bacterial and because there is no bleach, blacks stay black and colours stay vibrant.

Just pop it into your normal wash – top loaders and most front loaders – No need to add anything else.  The balls are unconditionally guaranteed for three years and they never need refilling so, you’ll save hundreds of dollars by doing away with detergents and softeners.

And no soaps or chemicals, means you won’t need the rinse cycle.  Save dollars, save water, save the environment using the NANOSMART Laundry Ball. Best of all it is guaranteed for 3 years in domestic use!

As a special offer for Home in WA viewers we’re offering the NanoSmart Laundry Ball for $49.95 + $7.95 P&H.  Or, for loads of more than 5 kg, you will need 2 balls and we’re offering 2 for only $79.95 + $7.95 Postage & Handling.