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Now that we’ve kissed summer goodbye, it’s all about the uggies and those comforting mugs of hot chocolate. Everyone knows winter is hibernating season, so if most nights are spent in, creating that perfect space is essential.

If your pad isn’t the most ideal place to hide out in, then maybe it’s time to go house hunting. Lynne Cox and her son Aron know the importance of true comfort – they run their business from home! Their company, Aussie Mortgage Masters, is family based and has been in business since 1996. With twelve years in the game, they’ve set up hundreds of loans for their customers right across the country, making them one of Western Australia’s most competitive broking companies.

The Aussie Mortgage Masters team is determined to give regular people a fair go and they strive to “beat the banks”! Backed by a large panel of lenders, the team can help you save time and money. So, if the banks have knocked you back, maybe these guys can help you.

The Aussie Mortgage Masters team is a huge believer in good, old-fashioned service. They’ll happily make a time to visit you at home for a more personal lending experience.

With the first homeowner’s grant still available and interest rates at an all time low, this winter is the perfect climate to rug up and enjoy that DVD in peace!

For more info, call Aussie Mortgage Masters on 1300 666 186.

“Safe as houses”, the saying goes, but these days – with fluctuating interest rates and a nervous share market, it’s hard to know just what to do when it comes to the Property Market; is it a Buyers’ market or a Sellers’, or none of the above? 

According to Aron Cox from Aussie Mortgage Masters, “Even though interest rates and house prices are supposedly up, the increased number of houses on the market has led to house prices actually contracting, so it turns out that now is actually a good time to buy.  It’s also a great opportunity for purchasers to take advantage of being able to negotiate a great deal when buying a house to live in or for investment.  Getting Pre-Approval so you know how much you can borrow can give you great leverage and approval is only subject to the valuation of the new property.  Our Family Guarantee Loan is also popular at the moment.”

Aussie Mortgage Masters experienced Consultants are able to think outside the square when difficult scenarios arise and they’re available right across Australia.