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Have you ever thought about becoming a franchisee? Well maybe a finance broking franchise is something you could consider. Have you heard of Aussie Mortgage Masters? Well they’re a West Aussie family owned business well known with clients Australia wide. Aussie Mortgage Masters Franchisees do not have to share a portion of their commission with their clients, which means more money into your pocket. And although Alan Stott a franchisee we spoke to recently on the show does have an office set up, you can work your business from home so you’re overheads are much lower.
Alan Stott of Balcatta recently became a franchisee for Aussie Mortgage Masters. Being his own boss and being able to live a lifestyle he wants with flexible hours is one of the finer point of being a franchisee Alan agrees. “Aussie Mortgage Masters are a great Aussie brand with a quality-lending panel established to enable me to offer a flexible and competitive product portfolio to my clients” say’s Alan. “ And they offer the very latest integrated financial software packages designed for mortgage brokers” . Give Lyn Cox a call on 1300 666 286 for more info about becoming a franchisee.