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Murray Harrison



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It’s a difficult task to get a loan from almost any bank. It’s even harder when you’re in the country and there isn’t a bank in sight. Damian and Kirsty were in that situation, struggling to get finance to build their unusual family home in Nita Downs, South of Broome.

Murray Harrison from the Country Housing Authority was able to help them out and provide them with the right finance.

The Country Housing Authority gives people and businesses in remote areas access to affordable finance. They also provide standard housing loans with variable interest rates and offer different repayment options that can be tailored to suit your cash flow. They’re unique from other loan providers in that they recognise the value of rural assets.

Damian and Kirsty built their distinctive five-bedroom home by utilising sea containers and positioning them underneath a large roof. The spacious, open planned design suits the climate and was economical to build. Better still the Country Housing Authority was able to assist in providing finance for half the cost of the Remote Area Power System.  Being 200kms out of Broome meant that Damian and Kirsty were relying solely on very expensive Diesel fuel as their source of power. Now their solar panels generate electricity that is fed into a bank of specially designed batteries. Power is stored and used when required. It’s very cost effective and great for the environment.

Damian and Kirsty with their two sons Digby and Lochlan live the rural Australian dream at Nita Downs. Their vision became a reality thanks to Murray and The Country Housing Authority.