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'Incorporating BlueScope Steel'

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Long before the Superhero Superman was labelled the “Man of Steel”, steel became the material of Choice when designers required strength and durability. Today steel is still synonymous with strength and is dominating the world of construction.

Bluescope Steel is a company that is dedicated to improving the way that we build houses. They offer a total solution -  with roof trusses, wall frames and roof cover.  All boasting the renowned strength of colorbond steel.

Trustek are designers and manufacturers of quality prefabricated steel roofing systems for the Australian and  international housing market. They make roof frames and roof trusses that utilise quality BlueScope steel. These Trusses are more versatile, easier to use and white ants won’t touch them!  Significantly, there is no wastage and minimal mess on site as everything is prefabricated and measured to size.

Family owned company Danmar Homes use Trustek roof trusses in their constructions. For sixteen years they have been specialising in individually designed homes. They pride themselves in a quality result within their clients budget.  To achieve this Danmar source only the finest materials when building.  With it’s engineered precision, strength and durability Trustek roof trusses are an obvious choice for Danmar.

 Each Danmar home stands as testament to the excellence of it’s suppliers.  Starting with quality materials from Bluescope steel, manufactured with precision by Trustek and built with design flair by Danmar homes.