Pennant House

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Stewat Van Raalte



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Perth WA 6000

This is the perfect time of year for boaties and boating. And with the help of Pennant House, we’ve found a way to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Pennant House, the West Australian flag and banner leaders make the entire range of world flags, event banners and flag poles. They’re also the masters when it comes to manufacturing internationally accurate maritime ensigns and flags.

The huge range includes Australia's Maritime National flag the Red Ensign, the Pennant House Swan River Flag featuring the bold state colours and the Southern Cross featuring the Wagyl Aboriginal culture dictates is the guardian of the river. It really dresses up your ship and proudly states where your home port is. Then there’s the Rottnest Gin Flag. An old naval tradition demanded they would be flown when drinks were on in the Wardroom. Flying this alerts fellow boaties that drinks are being served.

Flags make great gifts. Call in to their East Perth showroom to see their huge range of flags and banners. And they’re all made in W.A. at Pennant House by Western Australians. Show your patriotism and hoist one up the pole soon.