Mt Romance - Sandalwood

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Mt Romance


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2 Down Road (near Airport)
Albany WA 6330

If you live in Albany or are visiting Albany, don't miss the opportunity to visit and experience The Cone, The Gong and The Bowl exclusive to Mount Romance's Sandalwood Factory. It’s a total relaxation experience that will refresh, recharge and replenish your soul!

Inside the celestial cone Mount Romance combine unique areas of healing and sound therapy. Resonant sound vibrations connect on a cellular level with your body accelerating calm and restoring the body’s natural balance. To enhance the entire process, the exotic scent of warmed Australian sandalwood oil is infused throughout, stimulating the limbic system of the brain and releasing endorphins. This deep, almost meditative state releases stress and tension, and calms the mind.

But there’s also a selection of massage packages you can pamper yourself with at Mt Romance to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. One massage technique, a favourite in Mount Romance’s Tribal Dreaming Suite is Warm Rock Massage and it’s incredibly soothing.

After your massage who can resist a free tour? Shop in the magnificent international showroom or sample the special Sandalwood infused wines…one thing is for sure…there’s plenty to see and experience…and even taste at Mount Romance!

Make no mistake Mount Romance is a world class tourist destination visited by thousands each year. Open 7 days a week… Mount Romance, the Sandalwood Factory offers you a chance to experience an exotic haven of peace – which for some even touches the soul! So make it a ‘must do’ when you are next in Albany.