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We visited Whale World in Albany as part of our Great Southern Special. We hopped on board on board the Cheynes IV, Australia’s only accessible whale chaser. The Cheynes IV steam powered whaler was built in Norway back in 1948 launched as W Fearnhead, and was later renamed Wilfred Fearnhead. She was purchased in 1969 by the Cheynes Beach Whaling company in Albany and renamed the Cheynes IV. She hunted whales for the Cheynes Beach Whaling Company from March 1970 until it’s closure on November 21st 1978.

Whale World is a unique attraction, taking visitors on an authentic and interactive journey through the last whaling station that operated in Australia, supported by a series of audiovisual displays, artefacts and whaling history. Giants Of The Sea” is an exhibition with some amazing whale skeletons on show just for you.
There’s even a 22 metre long Pygmy Blue Whale skeleton that might give you a little bit of a fright when you first walk in the room. There’s also the skeleton of the very last Sperm Whale that was caught by the Cheynes Beach Whale Company back in 1978. Plus a heap of other really interesting pieces.

There’s a kids playground that’s also suited for kids with disabilities and BBQ and picnic areas under the shelter sheds. And if you feel up to movie, there are 4 movie theatres all of which are converted oil storage tanks. There’s “ Sharks” the multi media show.  “Australian Whaling” which looks into the history of Australian whaling from the 19th century until whaling ceased in 1978. Also  “A day in the life of a whaler” the story of a whaler and his wife. And the jaw dropping 3D experience “ Giants Exist”.
The worlds 1st 3D animated whale movie.

You can marvel at these wondrous, monstrous creatures as they swim in the water above you, you’ll think your actually there. And located just inside the entrance to Whale World is the old “ Ships Store” and radio workshop. This building in now known as the Colin Green Heritage Gallery and exhibits the Ed Smidt Collection. Comprising of 54 photographs that pictorially record the last 8 years of the Cheynes Beach Whaling Company’s activities. Whale World, what a great place to visit next time you’re in lovely Albany in our amazing Great Southern.
For more information on Whale World call 9844 4021.