The Waterfront at Albany
'Another Landcorp Project'

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Andrew Mathwin



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Albany … it’s a great city. And with the help of LandCorp … it’s about to get a whole lot better. Their plans to transform the waterfront back to a vibrant and cosmopolitan precinct will stimulate the economy and preserve the town’s maritime heritage.

It’s called The Waterfront at Albany.

This idea to revitalise the under-utilised precinct stalled a couple of times over the years but now, with LandCorp’s involvement, commercial, retail, tourism precincts and marina facilities will be developed. Local residents and businesses have been involved right throughout the project to ensure the Waterfront becomes a lively, bustling centre which reflects the city’s heritage. The Waterfront at Albany will bring numerous community and economic benefits to the region which will be enjoyed by generations of local residents and visitors to the region. 

This development will breathe new life into the city opening up sweeping views of one of the worlds most striking harbours. Moving the railway line which isolated the waterfront has opened up enormous possibilities. 5 new precincts will evolve. The Harbour Precinct with facilities for commercial fishing operations and private boat pens; The Commercial Precinct will introduce fish markets, café’s, restaurants and shopping outlets. The Accommodation precinct will incorporate a new hotel and waterfront serviced apartments. The Jetty Precinct will provide more casual dining opportunities along with a reinvigorated jetty and promenade.
And finally The Entertainment Precinct with a purpose built 620 seat entertainment centre right on the waterfront.

The Waterfront at Albany by LandCorp is a key example of what can be achieved with the dedication and collaboration of committed people and organisations including The Government of Western Australia. It is poised to influence other developments in this state, enhancing the lifestyle of its people and ensuring sustainability in the life and economy of historic Albany.