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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

The Department of Housing & Works offers a suite of programs that could help you purchase an affordable, newly built or refurbished home in a range of suburbs north and south of the river and in many regional centres. They do this via their Urban renewal and redevelopment programs which aim to redevelop older public housing estates to create more attractive living environments, reducing the Department’s rental presence and encouraging home ownership.  

Urban Renewal projects generally involve: Reducing the public housing presence in the area, refurbishment of the Department’s dwellings for both sale and retention, new residential developments, beautification and enhancement of infrastructure in the area (streetscape improvements, upgrading of parks, provision of entry statements, etc) and land development for the creation of new lots for sale to the public!

There are two specific projects on the market the Phoenix Rise - Hamilton Hill and The Coolbellup Lennox, just minutes from cosmopolitan Fremantle, walking distance from Murdoch University and 20 minutes from Perth City!

The rejuvenation of Coolbellup has been the result of the Urban Renewal program, working in conjunction with the multi-award-winning team from Mirvac, the Department of Housing & Works and input from the community itself. In a very short time this forgotten suburb has been transformed into a thriving community. Outdated public housing has made way for stylish and contemporary private dwellings in beautifully landscaped surrounds. The diversity of home styles includes family homes on generously proportioned blocks, terrace homes/duplexes on low-maintenance blocks and apartments in secured surroundings.

And if Coolbellup isn’t for you then perhaps a newly refurbished place at Phoenix Rise – Hamilton Hill might be the ticket! This revitalisation program bounded by Blackwood, Stock and Rockingham Roads is now well underway, with many properties already refurbished by the Satterley Group on the market and available for private sale. Phoenix Rise is rapidly being transformed into a vibrant, safe, friendly and attractive community and so is Lennox in Coolbellup.

So whether you’re living in the Perth metropolitan area or in regional WA, if you’re in the market why not pop into see these great new developments next time you visit Perth.