Perth Windsor Doors
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Gone are the days of everyone wanting a huge home. A lot of us West Australians are going for smaller homes these days, and as our homes get smaller garage doors are becoming more prominent.

Your garage door takes up a lot of the frontage of your home, so having a good looking garage door means having a good looking home. Ross North Homes chose to use Perth Windsor Doors that not only look the part but also will stand the test of time.

Ross North Homes have always placed the utmost importance on quality. Perth Windsor Doors are one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of garage doors which are manufactured with Australian made COLORBOND® steel . They are also on the forefront of technology utilising the new Flexographic paint finish which can match most render or wood finishes.

Perth Windsor Doors garage doors are manufactured with the highest quality products such as our very own Australian made COLORBOND® steel which has been supplied to Perth Windsor doors through Onesteel, Sheet, Coil and Aluminium.

Perth Windsor Doors are a privately owned WA manufacturing company. Established in April 2000, within in 5 years of operation the company has become one of the leading garage door suppliers here in WA.

All Perth Windsor Doors are manufactured with from COLORBOND® steel, and inside of the panels are fully hemmed edges for safety. The galvanised springs are mounted on a torsion pole at the front of the garage and will not rust. Their strong hinges are made from 1.6mm thick galvanised steel and will last a lifetime. Full bearing nylon coated rollers are used in our tracking system which gives a very quite operation and longevity.

If you want to impress your neighbours why not install a Perth Windsor door on your Home In WA garage.

For more information on Perth Windsor Doors call 9408 2100.