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If you are in the market for a home loan and want really low interest rates or you’re wondering how much you could save by refinancing your existing home loan with a different lender then perhaps you may like to consider MYRATE.

All the shops you find around town all have to pay quiet expensive rent’s to have such central and convenient locations. Now they have to get that money back somehow so of course in the end customers may have to pay for it through the prices we pay on the products we buy.

Banks are the same.  They have to pay hefty rents and overheads to maintain shop fronts for their customers.
Now that means that cistomers help cover those costs, possibly by paying highr rates or fees they may charge.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a lender that had really low interest rates and no fees on standard applications.

Well there is and they’re are called Myrate.
Their advantage is that they are a direct lender. Which means they don’t have big overheads to pay. They also boast an on-lone service and are securely funded by one of the worlds largest banks. ING Bank Australia.

Their interest rate is likley to be 1% lower than the big banks which could save you over $100,000 in interest on a $300,000 dollar loan over 30 years and there’s no application fees on standard applications.

You can compare rates from other lenders on line and you can even calculate how much you can save by refinancing your loan  with Myrate.The Myrate website is take a look and see just how much you can save or give them a call on 1300 663 558