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The Department of Housing and Works, along with Local Government are providing vulnerable members of our society with an alternative to renting a home, on the open market.

Specifically targeted community housing offers them a safe harbour, through affordable rent, and security of tenure.

One of these is located at the old Midland Hospital site. Vincentian Village is a joint project between “Vincentcare” a special work of the St Vincent de Paul Society and the Department of Housing and Works. Owned and managed by the Society, Vincentian house first opened its doors to accommodate homeless men in 1989.

Now, a newly redeveloped Vincentian Village has opened its doors once again to offer  medium and long term accommodation, to support and assist with the care of men experiencing homelessness and or mental illness in their recovery journey.

The new complex consists of 28 single bedroom self contained units, five purpose built mobility units and four single units. Vincentian Village provides dignity, privacy, self worth and a sense of belonging.

The Community Housing project continues to grow with joint venture partner Foundation Housing. In Newcastle Street Northbridge; a 44 bed lodging house is under development. When completed it will provide 16 apartments, 9 commercial units and a caretakers unit.

Community housing can be more than just accommodation. It has the power to transform the lives of people for better, and take the strain off the public system helping to break the cycle of homelessness for men.