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Murray Harrison



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Don’t you just love the country? The fresh air, wide-open spaces and beautiful landscapes. Whether you’re dreaming of making a sea change from the big smoke or you already live in rural WA, when it comes to your property and investments, it’s good to know the Country Housing Authority is on your side.

Established in 1998 through the state governments Department of Housing and Works, the Country Housing Authority gives small business owners, primary producers and the self-employed much needed access to affordable housing finance to live or invest in rural and remote WA. Now in it’s 10th year, the Country Housing Authority has helped many rural residents with housing finance to achieve their dreams.

The Country Housing Authority is committed to collaborating with all levels of government and works closely with customers to develop loan packages to suit their business and personal requirements. The Country Housing Authority’s main ‘Housing Finance Access’ program provides loans for businesses to build or buy homes for themselves, their families or their employees, as well as for farmers to improve and modernize their existing homes. Loans are structured as a standard variable rate and can be taken over 20years dependant on your cash flow and ability to make repayments.

It’s also good to know the Country Housing Authority’s loans don’t attract any application or loan management fees. And with the banks current continued rising interest rates, the Country Housing Authority’s rates are on average up to 1% lower… saving you quite a bit of money. For more information on how you can affordably make your country dream a reality, freecall 1800 158 200.