Granwood Flooring

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Mr. Frank Van Der Worm


08 9479 4543

08 9479 4558

0412 033 588

51 Ester Street (cnr. Robinson Ave)
Belmont WA 6104

There's no doubt that this home is superb. Huge rooms - beautifully finished yet still liveable.

The timber floors here are an example of Granwood Flooring's 'standard' plank floor system. Made of select grade West Australian blackbutt, a traditional look - understated, yet elegant.

People sometimes assume that quality timber floors are too expensive to consider as they may have seen pictures of the more expensive flooring options available. Granwood Flooring is already well known for its work with various types of timber floors, including plain and subtle classic styles to suit everyday living, as well as the more exotic designs like mosiac and rock parquetry.

Many of the 'European' designs are based on hand crafted timber floors from many of Europe's finest old castles, estates and galleries. There are a range of classic patterns as well, demonstrating the versatility of timber and finishes.

Granwood Flooring prides itself in the fact that the job is handled from start to finish by their own tradesmen…not subcontractors. All timber machining is done in-house to ensure the highest quality standards.

To find out more about Granwood Flooring call the showroom on 9479 4543 or drop in at 51 Esther St, near Robinson Street in Belmont.