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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





This week on Home in WA our long-standing partner with the series, The Master builders is going to give us an update on safety in the construction industry. 
Safety is a major focus for the builders and subcontractors in WA. The industry is keen to demonstrate that there are safe and rewarding careers in the construction industry.

On the show this week we have Master Builders Safety Manager Mike Fitzgerald talking about the changes in Safety in the construction industry.There will be one major change relating to safety for residential construction later this year with the implementation of new regulations from the 1st of October.

The 2 main changes coming on the 1st of October for residential sites are the requirement for a safe work method statement or job safety analysis for all high risk work. And the requirement for the principal contractor to develop and maintain a safety management plan for any sites where there are, or are likely to be, 5 or more workers working at the same time.

Workers will need to have access to and be made aware of the safety management plan and any specific site policies and procedures.
There is a draft national code of practice for working at heights of over 2 metres. The code proposes physical fall protection, such as scaffolding, for all work done over 2 metres high.

Master Builders is of course supportive of any a practicable safe system of work that improves safety for construction workers. It is however worth noting that if impracticable and excessive changes go ahead, there could be about a 20,000-dollar increase to the cost of building the average family home.  That is why Master Builders are proposing some options rather than increased regulation.

For more information on the regulations you can take a look at the work safe website which is at Or members can give Mike or one of his safety team a call on 9476 9800.

Also on this weeks show we will also talk to last years winner of the “Pride In The Job Award” Brendan Green.