Duralok Fence System

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Historically, fencing in WA has been timber, pine lap, various styles of steel fencing and the dreaded old Asbestos Fencing, jeez if we only knew how dangerous that was back then. This week on the show we have a look at the revolution in fencing Duralok the fence of the future.
Never before has such an innovative fencing system delivered a more dynamic option to fencing, residential and rural. It’s even tough enough for the coastal area’s as it wont rot or corrode in the salty conditions. 
The Duralok Fence system is manufactured from a revolutionary Australian designed PVC formula designed to stand up against the elements of the harsh Australian climate far beyond that of other, more common fence materials.
Unlike a lot of the other fencing options available here in WA, Duralok’s PVC Rural and Privacy fencing basically takes care of it’s self.
The idea was formulated in North America and the directors researched the reality of using the product here in Australia. It took over 5 years of research to come up with the product we have here today, but what we have is a very strong product that can withstand our intense conditions.
Now whether your property is on the coast and endures months of our strong WA winds or inland where it gets scorched by the hammering sun, this fence has been designed to withstand these harsh conditions.
The all new Duralok fencing system, if you’ve got a rural or residential property that needs fencing this is the way to go. It’s tough and designed especially for our conditions and it’s looks pretty smart too.