FESA - Fire Safety

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Mr. Bill Rose



08 9323 9000

08 9323 9495

480 Hay Street
Perth WA 6000

Bill Rose from Community Safety present advise to West Australians on ways to make their "Home in WA" a safer place this winter.

1. Install at least ONE smoke alarm in the home - locate outside or in bedrooms, NOT in kitchens where cooking heat can set off alarms unnecessarily.

2. Have a "Fire Escape Plan" which every member of the family understands:
- know where spare door keys are located
- make sure security locks can be easily unlocked from inside
- CRAWL under smoke (30 cms of clean air exists under smoke)
- get out of the house as quickly as possible (you have 2 minutes maximum, to exit)
- last person close doors behind them
- meet at agreed meeting place such as letter box
- call Fires Services from nearest phone on 000.

3. Make sure open fires and radiant heaters are NEVER left unattEnded.

4. Preferably, extinguish fires before going to bed.

5. Keep clothing and furniture at least one metre away from heat source.