Ezi Storage

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Warren Coli & Moira Wood



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469 Scarborough Beach Road
Osbourne Park WA 6017

We all wish we had more storage space in our homes or offices. Safe and secure storage for our valuables, important files or even our car. Well, here’s the solution, Osborne Park Ezi Storage.

Ezi Storage does just that … provides us with an easy way to securely store those items big or small that we need access to, but don’t want anyone else to be able to get near. This is the perfect secure, flexible and cost effective solution. It also works well if you’re living in regional W.A. and need secure storage of items here in Perth.

Flexibility is the key here. You can store a little … or a lot. Storage unit sizes range from 2 meters by 1.5 meters, right up to the 6 meters by 3 meters double garage warehouse option.

The 2 meter x1.5 meter units are ideal for bags, boxes, small personal and business items and suitcases. The storage size then gradually increases right up to the 6 x 3 meter units which are ideal as a business warehouse, furniture from a 4  bedroom home, appliances, outdoor furniture even a car, trailer or a small boat. The gate, warehouse and individual unit security provides exceptional security and safe keeping. The effects of weather, dust and fluctuations in temperature and humidity are significantly reduced providing the ideal storage environment for documents and furniture.

There are 240 storage units available here at Osborne Park Ezi Storage, supplying the perfect, short or long term, secure storage solution.