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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





When you picture the country, images of beautiful landscapes and wide-open spaces come to mind. But when you picture a country home do you still imagine that ramshackle homestead with smoke billowing out the chimney? Because winners of the 2006 Southwest best country home award, Nick Goode Construction, view country homes quite differently.

Being a proud member of MBA Southwest and relishing in its 13th year of building in the region, Nick Goode Construction epitomise the exceptional quality and attention to detail achievable in this part of the state. Designed to capitalize on solar passive design principles, including taking advantage of the brickworks high thermal mass to achieve greater energy efficiency, Nick Goode Construction aimed to create a home that was eye catching, different and cutting edge in both design and technology.

And that they have! With 2 striking circular towers linked by a rectangular hub, one glance at this spectacular home and you know it was created to stand out. There are large open areas and a separation of levels between the kids and parents living areas to meet the needs of a growing family, and important high-energy efficiency. The house has a 5-star energy rating with the interconnection of thermal mass, insulation, orientation and ventilation; to harness natural energy and reduce reliance on artificial heating and cooling. Every detail was carefully planned, even the choice of the bricks used for the towers. A richly semi-glazed face brick was chosen for the towers because of the way, depending on the light; they glisten during the day and have a glow at night.

Yes, with Nick Goode Construction, country homes are not only built strong to stand the test of time, but bristle with impressive design and technology to stand them apart from the rest.