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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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Remember the movie “Happy Feet”, when Mumble takes his first step out onto the cold land of Antarctica only to utter the word, “Fffreeeezy”? That’s the way I feel come wintertime when our temperatures drop close to 0. Having the heater cranked to keep the house warm then going to bed only to wake the next morning and find it’s even colder than before isn’t my idea of comfort. But with the right insulation not only can you keep your home warmer in winter; you’ll save hundreds on your electricity bill.

Thermo Sealed Batts comply with the relevant Australian standards, and with ratings of up to R3 available you can reduce your winter energy bill by around 40%! This West Australian made and owned product is dust free and non-allergenic (making it both clean and safe for you and your family), and is environmentally friendly being made from almost 100% recycled materials. Plus its waterproof, unaffected by the rain if your roof does spring a leak in a thunderstorm. Not only that but Thermo Sealed Batts are guaranteed for the life of your home.

Thermo Sealed Batts friendly and professional team provide free measure and quotes and can quickly install insulation into your roof. They’ll even provide you with the right information to do it yourself. And until the end of May they have a great special of 20% off all flat ceiling roof insulation products to help you keep your home warmer this winter. And with the money you do save on your electricity bill, who knows, maybe you could treat yourself to a warm tropical holiday. I like the sound of Mauritius, what do you think?