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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA


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The café scene here in WA is great and on this weeks show we have a product that will bring that whole café atmosphere to your home.  
We are having a look at Aussie Outdoor alfresco café blinds & did you know that a heap of birthdays fall in the birthday belt between Autumn & winter?

We going to see how Aussie Outdoor Alfresco café blinds can warm things up for us this Autumn & Winter so you can enjoy more of the outdoors.And whilst enjoying that alfresco lifestyle throughout the year, its good to know there’s no fuss needed. Aussie Outdoor are easy to operate and real low maintenance. If you want to give them a clean it’s as easy as hosing them down when you’re watering the garden.

Aussie Outdoor alfresco café blinds are all Australian owned and made and are manufactured at the highest quality. There are 2 types the first is made from a hard wearing double polished UV stable PVC. The other is Aussie shade, a woven PVC that is great in area’s where you might have a gas BBQ’s or heater because the fabric breathes. The blinds are very strong and installed with top quality and durable frames. In fact Aussie outdoor blinds are tough enough to hold in place during strong winds of up to 45 knots.

And with western Australia having some of the windiest conditions in the world your alfresco setting wont be blown away. It’s all due to an innovative bottom rail and anchoring system called the lockjaw. With the LOCK JAW there’s no messy straps or flapping, and talk about strong there’s no way you could pry this locking system apart. And with each blind custom made you can rest assured that not only will it have the best possible fit for your outdoor area, it will look great too. You can even choose from a range of different colours.