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Rain water is the source of life. Winter rains are the lifeline for much of Western Australia's primary industry.

For decades, rain water tanks have been the only means for storing our most valuable commodity in country WA. These familiar corrugated iron structures have stored water in the rainy season or from underground bores.

Now, a home-grown WA company has vastly improved that technology and brought it to the city. Now everyone can enjoy pure, fresh rain water 365 days of the year

West Coast Poly have introduced this spectacular range of polyethelne , corrugated water tanks for country and city installations..everything from 1500-litre under-eaves locations in Perth's suburbs to 23,000 litres units for urban and country situations.

West Coast Poly make their range of water tanks at their Canning Vale plant using state-of-the-art technology. This rotar moulding machine was built in Australia specifically for West Coast Poly.

This special chemical composition is fed into the moulding machine and mixed thoroughly much like a kitchen blender. The apparatus is then wheeled into this huge oven where it is heated to 220 degrees Centigrade for 40 to 45 minutes. That liquefies the powder and forms the polyethelene shape of the water tank.

West Coast Poly tanks come in a range of colours that have been designed to complement modern architectural finishes including steel and tile roofing and exterior paint colours

There are no joints, the tanks won't rust and there is no maintenance. In fact, every West Coast Poly tank comes with a 20 year guarantee

Prices start from just $550 for the 1500 litre tank with various sizes up to 23,000 litres.

So what a great investment. Pure rain water so good to drink and helping conserve our most precious resource.

West Coast Poly will deliver free almost anywhere in WA. Just give them a call with your details