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Living in Perth is all about bright blue skies and the beaming sun teasing us towards the beach...... Of course after endless days of it things can get uncomfortable and up goes your aircon! Due to the greenhouse effect, the more power we use, the hotter our planet is going to get, and that’s why ideas like the event from Certified Metal Industries, might just save our world!

The E-vent is a low cost, yet extremely effective way of venting your homes roof space.  Its beauty is in its simplicity, it has no moving parts to make noise or wear out and it cost nothing to run.

Combined metal Industries is a family run business that has been operating for over 20 years.  In that time they have become a major player in the supply of roofing products to the booming WA building industry.  Recently, they’ve joined with Reece Plumbing to supply rain water goods and so much more to both contractors and the general public, so there is an answer to any query!

From the humble downpipe to the ingenious e-vent CMI are at the forefront of steel fabrication.