'Monster Range'

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Graham Dunlop



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Time is so precious these days, why waste it doing the cleaning?  Why not Monster clean instead?

Working from the ground up, the bagless  Monster Vacuum offers 1800Watts of suction and a water filtration system that removes 99.9% of particles so is ideal for allergy sufferers.

The Monster Floor would be your next step.  This high-powered steam mop will hygienically clean and sanitise any floor surface from timber to carpets.  It features two steam jets enabling it to reach where most mops can’t.

And with the Monster 45 you can clean and sanitise practically the whole house.  With its continuous jet of pressurised steam and a variety of different attachments you can clean the bathroom, the kitchen and even the windows. And the more compact Monster 60 is ideal for smaller jobs.
I loath ironing, but with Monster Ironing stations with active ironing boards you can take out all the hard work. Featuring heated boards that have suction and blowing make ironing easier than ever.  And hand-held irons like this offer you a professional finish everyday of the year using the power of steam.

And to make sure you’re Monster cleaner stays clean, the clever Aqua Plus deionising water bottle makes sure you always have a refill on-hand.

Every home should have a ‘Monster’ and I’m not talking about the kids… pure steam appliances – great for sanitising your home and great for the environment!  Not to mention the fact that you’ll save time and elbow grease, too.

Find out more from or call the Monster hotline on 1800 663 866.